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November 2010

First draft of the (still unfinished) text "New Directions In Cycling Board Games". Two sections (out of three) are quite complete.

A new list, Games Of No Chance, in the categories menu. This is a subcategory of gamer's games, actually. It should be more properly called "GAMES OF NO LOTS", since I include here games that do not use randomizers (dice throws, card draws or similar), al least in the basic mechanics of riders' movement. Some of these games, though use (or allow the use of, as a variant rule) random events (like punctures or falls) often in the form of monopoly-like chance cards or even dice throws. Of course, "Games Of No Chance" is the title of a series of books edited by Richard J Nowakowski, which study two-person full-information games, and I should not be using the same expression here. Still, I like it therefore I use it.

Games added:

Carrera Ciclista (Cómo Hacer Juegos de Acción/Ed.Plesa, Spain, 1975)
Cycle Tour (Stephen Nurse , Australia, 2010)
CycloTour (Cyclo Tour, France, ca. 1990)
Il Grande Gioco del Giro d'Italia (
Corriere dei Piccoli, Italy, 1973)
Mudpluggers (3iD, UK, 2000s)
Le Petit Vélodrome (France)
Radrennen (Heinz Fritzsche/Sport-Spiele, Germany, ca. 2000)
Raleigh Burner BMX Game (Waddingtons, UK, 1985)
Raleigh Burner Freestyle BMX Card Game (Waddingtons, UK, 1985)
Tête de la Course (Tonygames, Czech Republic, 2008)
Tour Cycle Free (Luke Morris, UK,/Japan, 2010)
Tour Mala!s (Joachim Haack/Fangdasl!icht, Germany, 1996)
Velo City (
Kevin G. Nunn/Harald Lieske, USA, 2010)
World Cycling Game (Niels-Kristian Andersen, Danmark, 2009)

Minor changes (new pictures, infos corrected, etc):

2ruote (Luca Revello, Italy, 2009)
Road Cycling Tour (Lajos L. Brons, Papercut Games, Netherland, 2005)
Slow Bicycle Race (Berwick Compendium of Games, UK, 1950s)
Unpublished Games:  a couple of games added to this section

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October 2010

The free print-and-play cycling games world is moving! New games to download:

a) "Cycle Tour" is a new free print'n'play game by Steve Nurse, from Australia: It looks like a nice family game.

b) Road Cycling Tour has been redesigned. It is still available for free download, but there is also a fully assembled boxed edition available.

c) And let's not forget "Tour Cycle Free", which has been available from BoardgameGeek for the last few months, but which I haven't found time to include on the site yet. (Have I already mentioned that I am very busy?)

Of course, you will find more free print-and-play games here.

By the way, Maillot Arc-En-Ciel will also a print-and-play game very soon. The boxed edition is almost exhausted, and of course I am not going to make more. Those of you who have bought it will have a valuable collector's item (while those of you who have not will regret it forever).

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September 2010 (3)

As a result of reading Tim Hilton's "One More Kilometer And We're In The Showers" (an entertaining social and cultural history of cycling in post-war Europe seen through the eyes of a veteran racing cyclist, as someone described it) I have added bigger pictures and new comments to Lands End To John O'Groats.

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September 2010 (2)

I just received the new "Tête de la Course" Czech game ( It is beautiful. The pictures on the website do not give a faithfull idea of what the game looks like. It is huge. The game The board for each stage measures some 80x60 cm, and is made of heavy plastic (so beware, the game can be VERY heavy if you purchase the complete set of  more than 50 different available stages). This game is a MUST for collectors and a direct entry into my "favourite games" list as soon as I update my site.

By the way, the website is mainly in Czech, but there are some English sections if you scroll down.What's more important, these guys answer emails in English, and they will send an english translation of the rules with the game (other languages will be available soon) with the game.

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September 2010

A lot of pending work! I have eighteen (!!!) new games to add to the site. The text "New Directions In Cycling Board Games" is still unfinished (as is the "dexterity games" section). I am afraid I will not catch up until Christmas...

In the meantime, I have added the (French) rules for Bikee.

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August 2010

Everything is going quite slowly (it's august, it's hot...) and there are some things that I should have posted some weeks ago still lingering... I have visited some friends in France and I have new pictures of lots of games, which I will be posting in the next few weeks. No new games on the site for now except for an unpublished one, the game from "The Rider", as is mentioned in Tim Krabbé's book.

I have created a section on THEORY, which includes the 2005 text, and a new one (first draft only, though), "New Directions In Cycling Board Games". The Bibliography has been moved to this section.

In exchange, the old "action games" page has been renamed "dexterity games" and promoted. Now it is a proper section (but still far from finished).

The kind of games I will be discussing in the new text are, for instance, the new f game  from Luke Morris (author of Tour), Tour Cycle Free. You can download it (for free!) from BoardGameGeek and check it while I find time to include it in this site.

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July 2010

Games added:

Giro Ciclistico d'Italia (ed Cartoccino, Italy, ca. 1947)

Pictures and info added:

Wheeling (new board and figurines)

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June 2010

Minor changes to the links section. Some links added too.

Games added:

Bicross (Picsou Magazine, France, 1986)

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May 2010

TakTik Tour is closer to become a reality. I think I can make a tactical game for 6-8 players (managing a team of four riders each) that is played in around 20 minutes, which will allow to play a 6-stage race (including time trial) in a couple of hours. I already have a first draft of the rules and beta tests will start soon! If you are interested in taking part in them and live near Barcelona, contact me.

Items added:

A XIXth century game (wow!):

Bikee (C.W. Faulkner & Co, UK, 1899)

3 games of goose from the 1930s:

Le Tour Butagaz (Butagaz, France, 1935)
Jeu du Tour de France COOP (Husson/COOP, France, 1935)

Giuoco del Giro d'Italia (Stella, Italy, 1930s)

Another 1930's game. Not a game of goose but something much weirder:

6 Day Bike Race (Sparco Games, USA, 1938)

A(nother) game that does not really belong here:

Cycle-opoly (Late For The Sky, USA, 2008?)

A couple of Breaking Away custom made boards pictures added under "unpublished games"

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March 2010

Cycling and Wheeling rules added.

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February 2010 (2)

Site completely reorganized!

There are five main entry-points now, which will be linked from all the pages.

MAIN: Some parts of the site cannot be classified as games (texts, links, etc...)
so a "MAIN" section is useful.

ALL THE GAMES: This used to be the main section;  all the games in no particular order.
I still like this quasi-random access to the collection.

ALPHABETICAL: This is the easiest way to find a game, provided you remember its name.
I have completed the list with alternative names (in different languages).

CATEGORIES: This is where the hard work has been done. Classifying is always hard.
Some games defy all categories. However I think this is a convenient entry point to the site.

WHAT'S NEW: This is where you are now. Useful entry point for regular visitors.


New sections:

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
Making Cycling Games (gathers some stories previously in the unpublished games section)
Bibliography (previously a part of the "Cycling Board Games text")
Cycling Board Games' Exhibitions
Action Games (much work to do on that one yet)

Games added: Two rare games from the "Collection Pierre & Bilou"

Montlhéry Record
Les 6 Jours de Paris

Keirin reworked (now there is an example race)
Pistard rules rewritten, new variants (and new pics) added. Click here to download the 2.11 version of the rules.

Plus new pictures/comments/corrections written on more than twenty games.

On the other hand, the the concept of what is a game (or what is a "different" game) is somewhat looser:

- All the Corriere dei Piccoli games have been considered by themselves.
- All the games in
combination boxes have been considered games by their own right.
- Some games previously considered "unpublished" (
Homas Tour Pro, Cyclisme Manager, Keirin...) have been promoted to the  to main section
- Replay games also moved to the main section

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February 2010 (1)

Games added:

Criterium (Spanish game from 1979, not the French 90's game)
Tour De Duck (I used to have it -mistakenly- under "unpublished games")

More info/pictures added to:

The New Bicycle Game (six game cards added, pictures resized)

New riders added and minor changes to the "Make Your Own Game" section

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January 2010

Games added:

2ruote (a new free print and play game!!!)
Bisikle (not really a board game)
Ciclocorsa (rare italian 50s game)
Jeu Circuit du Kochersberg-Randonneurs de Strasbourg (a bicycle-touring-themed game of goose)
L'Étape Du Jaune (an oddity)
PicsouTour de France (just for kids)
Tour de France, jeu officiel (another 50s game, this one French, of course)
Vuelta Ciclista a España Pupy Toys (cheap Spanish game)

More info/pictures added to:

Cycling (I found a vintage board)
L'Échappée Infernale (new 2009 version)
Maillot Jaune (I finally have the La Redoute Motobécane version)

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October 2009

I will be quite busy the next few weeks (even months) so don't expect a real update of this site until Christmas  :-( 

However, I wanted to mention a new print and play game, which  I haven't played yet, but which looks VERY interesting. The name of the game is 2RUOTE (or 2WHEELS, since there are Italian and English versions of the game) and you can find it here:

What makes it so exciting is that the rules are quite different from the other games, and are vaguely similar to what I have in mind when I talk about the "perfect" cycling game. Of course, I don't really know if the game really works, and I will not know until I have time to play it.

On the negative side: The rules are quite long to read, I already warn you, and not always clear if you read them too fast, but this is not a major drawback (hint: keep the "activity display" at hand while you read them and they will be much clearer). The game is supposed to be for kids aged 8 and up (I would rather say 12 minimum!) and last 60 minutes (maybe, but only if you know the rules well... It took me more than 60 minutes to read them).

On the positive side: Many things. One of the most important: there is no randomness involved in the game (no dice or card drawing), which will appeal to hardcore gamers. Another unusual rule: no individual movement of the riders along the track, so you can play with a big peloton without wasting precious time moving riders.

Enough said so far:  the game looks really interesting, and it is free to download, so there is no excuse. DO NOT MISS IT!

By the way, I am still waiting for
WORLD CYCLING GAME and BISIKLE. I hope I can review them too for Christmas (as well as other games, like the new version of L'ECHAPPEE INFERNALE, and oldies like L'ETAPE DU JAUNE or CICLOCORSA).

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September 2009

Amazing: Four new free print and play games found!!!

Tout à Droite (by Route 67)
Triatlon (by Musambay)
Juego de Ciclismo (by Veracrua)
Jeu de Course de Vélos (by

... which has caused the print-and-play games to be moved to a new section

New games added to the main section:

Le Tour de France Cycliste Dernieres Nouvelles
Giro D'Italia (Ghenos Games)
Giro D'Italia Card Game (Ghenos Games)
Bike Totaal Fietsspel

New unpublished games added:

Los Ciclistas

New pictures/info added:

Le Tour de France (France, 1930)

New ready-to-cut riders added to the make your own game" section


And a couple of toys in the long-forgotten toys section

Whirly Wheelers

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June 2009

Quite a lot of movement in the cycling board games' world!!!

You can already pre-order Niels Kristian Andersen's WORLD CYCLING GAME,
the first cycling board game designed by a professional cyclist:
<click here>

The two GIRO D'ITALIA games by Ghenos (board game -similar to Leader1-
and independent card game) are finally available
<click here>

SPRINTER3D is releasing a lot of boards to play different races <click here>

And if you want something special wait for Emmanuel Arnould's BISIKLE.
Not really a board game, but maybe even better. Back to childhood!
Have a preliminary look:
<click here>

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April 2009

New games added:

Vuelta Ciclista a España (1956)
Giro D'Italia (unknown maker) (update: mistory solved in april 2017. See here)
Tour de France (unknown maker)
Juegos Reunidos CEFA  (under "
compilation boxes").

Sprinter3D  added to the main section (previously in "unpublished games")

New pictures added to: 

Le Tour de France (1930)
Jeu du Veldiv
The Raleigh Cruising Game
 Itzuli Mitzuli

Plus a very special present:

Donato Pompei's Gioco del Giro.Free Download!!!

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March 2009

Rules for PISTARD 2.1, a variation of PISTARD 2.0.

A couple of games added to the Unpublished Games section: World Cycling Game and Leader 2

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February 2009

New set of rules for PISTARD!!! (known as Pistard 2.0).
Dowload the new rules here, and the board and riders here.

The promised "Make Your Own Game" section is finally ready. Here you can find free downloadable ready-to-print riders and tracks, as well as some useful links. I have worked a lot on this section. Feedback welcome.

New "Replay Games" section (they used to be under "Unpublished Games")

Pictures of Roberto PietrangelI's multigames box in the Unpublished Games section.

Homas Tour Pro: English rules and huge ready-to-print board (designed by Ludo Nauws) offered as a free download.

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December 2008

Christmas present!!! Two free downloadable print-and-play games, available for the first time with English rules.

Criterium de Figueres (Oriol Comas & Anki Toner, 2007/2008)
La Serpiente Multicolor (Esther Berdion & Jaime Munàrriz, 1993/2008)

New "free print-and-play games" section added to the lists part of the site.

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November 2008 (2)

 "Unpublished games" section finally updated.

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November 2008 (1)

I have finally added some new content to this website. Ten new games, and new pictures for another ten games. Don't miss the new "Le Jeu du Veldiv" pics. Since the site has a new hosting (and a new url:, update your links!), it will finally be possible to upload decent sized pictures. I am starting with the newly added games (I hope you can see the difference) but I am planning to change all the pictures on the site on the long run. It will take quite a long time, though.

New games added to the site:

Les 6 Jours (Miro, France, 1950s)
Jeu des Bicyclistes (Roche Frères, impr., France, 1890s)
Cabbage Patch Kids Bicycle Race Game (MB, USA, 1990)
Criterium de la Mère Picon (Fromageries PICON, France, 1950s)
Criterium des As (Jeux et Jouets de la Tour St Denis, France, 1950s)
Leader 1 (A. Ollier - Ch. Leclercq, Ghenos Games, France, 2008)
Tour (Luke Morris, 2008) (previously under "unpublished games")
Tour de Francia (Spain, 1950s)
Tour de la Guadeloupe (EducAmuse, France, 1999)
Tour de Piste (3 Jours, France, 2003)

Extra info added to the following games:

Ciclismo de mesa
The Raleigh Cruising Game
Stap Op

Tour de Duck

Le Jeu du Tour 1937
Tour de France cycliste, Grand Rallye Touristique

Tour de Suisse (Knorr)

Jeu du Veldiv

Velo Flash
Vier-Länder Tour

I also wanted to update the "Unpublished games" section. I have almost half a dozen games to add. (Sorry, Peer and Emmanuel, for being so slow). I hope I can do that in the next few days...

When the unpublished games section is updated, there are a couple of things I want to do before Christmas:

a) A proper "make your own games" section.

b) I hope I can add very soon a special present: 2 free print-and-play games.

Don't miss the next update!

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May 2008

Games added to the site (main section):

6 Dageslobet (C.Drechsler, Danmark, 1970s?)
Il Campionissimo (Uniwerk, Italy, 1960s)
Davitamon Wielerspel (Davitamon, Belgium, 2003)
Helden In Het Veld (Ludo Nauws/Gazet van Antwerpen,Belgium, 2007)
Klettermaxe (Simba, Italy/Germany, 1990s)
Magnytour (, Belgium, 2007)
The Raleigh Cruising Game (Raleigh Cycle Co., UK, 1930s)
Le Jeu du Tour (L'Auto, France, 1937)

Velomaster (France, 2007)
Juego de Salón Vuelta Ciclista a España (Spain, 1940s)

Games added to the "Combination Games" section:

Berwick Compendium Of Games (Berwick, UK, 1960s)
Il Grande Libro dello Sport (Edibimbi, Italy, 1997)
Juegos Reunidos Plásticas Santa Elena (Santa Elena, Spain, 1970s)

Tour de France Girac (mallette de jeux AJA) (Girac/AJA, France, 1960s)

Games added to the "Unpublished games" section:

Cyclisme Manager
Tarka Cycle Trail
Triathlon Time Challenge

Extra info added to the "Unpublished games" section:

Homas Tour Pro

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February 2008

I am almost 15 games behind! These are some of the games queuing to be added to the website:  6 Dageslobet, Helden In Het Veld, Klettermaxe, Tarka Cycle Trail,  Sprinter3D, Magnytour, Velomaster, Davitamon, Il Campionissimo, Raleigh Cruising Game, Tour de France Girac... plus some games in combination boxes.

In the meanwhile I have purchased the domain. Banner free at last! Update your links.

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November 2007

The exhibition is being a big success!!!.

Some new games that will be added soon to the site: Magnytour, Velomaster, Davitamon, Il Campionissimo, Raleigh Cruising Game, Tour de France AJA... Please be patient.

For the moment, I have added a little Montaplex info, since I have some Montaplex bags to trade.

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October 2007

The cycling board games exhibition is definitively scheduled:
Opening: october, 4th, 2007
Closing: november 25th, 2007
It will be held in the Museu del Joguet de Catalunya, Figueres.

See Oriol's first pictures of the exhibition:

Exhibition's video uploaded

Logo added to main page.

Some unpublished games added:

Criterium de Figueres
Tour Mala's
Tour du Cyclisme

I have received the Magnytour game. Some others are on the way, but I don't expect to have much time to add them to the site until the exhibition is over...

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September 2007

Very sad news: Our friend GEERT LAGROU was killed in a car accident on August, 31st.  He was a great cycling games collector, a great games' player and a great man. Rest in peace.

Sprinter 3D (see under "Unpublished Games")

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August 2007

Game of Bicycle Race
Learning Games - Addition (see under "Combination Boxes")

Yes, I am  the happy owner of a copy of McLoughlin Brother's 1891 "Game of Bicycle Race"!!! Unfortunately it is in quite rough shape, but I guess that is why I could afford it.

I have also received Michel Blanchet's book "Tour de France. Jeux et jouets du cyclisme" (Editoys, 2007). I am very sorry to say that the book is flooded with mistakes and imprecisions. Very poorly researched. A shame, coming for someone who claims to be "Docteur en Histoire". However, provided that you do not assume any piece of data from the book to be true, it is a nice little objet to have, and of course a must for collectors.

The COMBINATION BOXES page has been finally reorganized.

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July 2007

Ronde Van Vlaanderen (thanks Ludo!)
Le Tour de France de PIF
Carreras Misteriosas (under "Combination Games")

Juegos Reunidos Corominas (Bajando El Puerto - under "Combination Games")
Homas Tour Pro (under "unpublished games")

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June 2007

Tourspel (thanks Siegfried!)
Domenica Sportiva

Tour Feminin
The Tour (Lionel Games'  - under "unpublished games")

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April 2007

Finally, I have added all the games I promised:

Bicycle Race (Milton Bradley)
Coppa Santagostino
Course de la Paix
Die Friedensfahrt
Die Giganten der Strasse
Post Danmark Rundt Spillet
Road Cycling Tour
Tour de Suisse Knorr

Plus new pictures (new versions) of the following:

A Cycling Tour (aka "Cycling, a fascinating game")
6 in einem
Giro Binaca
Die Radwettfahrt
Stap Op

I have also added an unpublished game: KEIRIN. It's the first game on the subject (as far as I know), and it's a one-player game with no strategy at all. You just watch the race. Some will hate it ;-)

Make Your Own Cycling Game, new section!!!

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February 2007

I have received some old (mainly eastern) German games (thanks Siegfried!) which will soon be added to the website: Die Friedensfahrt, Bahn-Radrennen, Sechs-Tage-Rennen, La Course de la Paix (this one from Czechoslovaquia), Die Giganten der Strasse/Les géants de la route. I have also a new version of Sebastiano Craveri's Giro D'Italia (aka Giro Binaca), another Tour de Suisse (this one from Knorr) and the italian oldie Coppa Santagostino. So far.

More games received: Paris-Brest-Paris: Le grand jeu du Cyclotourisme (thanks Pascal!), Post Danmark Rund Spillet (I guess you never heard of that one before), and three oldies: another version of Die-Rad-Wettfahrt, an uncomplete version of Milton Bradley 1910's "Game of Bicycle Race" (just the board and the top of the box), and an unexpectedly small version of JW Spears and Sons' "A Cycling Tour" (aka "The Game of Cycling", supposed to be a 1890's game, though I am afraid my copy is not the first edition).

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January 2007


I already have a date for my first Cycling Board Games exhibition.
It should open in november 28th, 2007, and close by mid-january 2008.
It will be held at the
Museu de la Joguina de Figueres and curated by yours truly and Oriol Comas.
Don't miss it. Plan your Spanish vacation for december ;-)


Fifteen (!) games added to the website this month:

Chasse Patate
Grand Prix Bicycling
A Qui Le Tour? (trivia game)
Ronde van Frankrijk
Giro d'Italia Ciclo-Automovilistico
Road Race

Tour de France (das spannende Radrenn-Spiel)
ABX Forces
Bolletjes Veilig Verkeerspel
Tour de France de Coeurs Vaillants
Sprint Bouticycle
Pedal Power
Tour de Force

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December 2006

Finally starting to update the site! Keep an eye en the changes during the next few weeks.

Games added to the website:

The Bike Race Game
Jeu de l'Oie (programme du TdF 1935)
Tour de Suisse (A. Berger, Switzerland, 1970s)

New pics, new versions, new comments, new discoveries:

45 Tours de France
6 in Einem
Der Ausreisser
The National Bicycle Game
Tour de France (Grand Rally Touristique)
Um Reifenbreite


A couple of Combination Games' Boxes added.
A couple of toys and puzzles added, too.

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October-november 2006

I really should find some time to add new games to the website. It will soon be six months since I last updated the site  :-(
Some of the new games I will hopefully add to the site soon are: A qui le tour? (not the Jeureve game of the same name), ABX Forces, The Bike Race Game, Bolletjes Veilig Verkeerspel, Chasse Patate, Coeurs Vaillants' Jeu du Tour, Die Friedensfahrt, Giro d'Italia Ciclo-Automobilistico, Grand Prix Bicycling, Keirin, Jeu de l'oie du programme du Tour 1935, Pedal Power, Ronde van Frankrijk, Spika Sportspiel (höher - weiter - schneller), Sprint Bouticycle, Tour de Force, Tour de France (Harry Riester's "Das spannende Radrenn-Spiel"), the Tour de France dice game included in the book "Die schönsten Würfelspiele"), Tour de Suisse, Wheeling... alternative versions  (or boxes) of WJB's "6 in Einem", "Tour de France/Grand Rallye Touristique", The National Cycling Race Game, the wooden "velodrome", Breaking Away, Der Ausreisser, Um Reifenbreite ... more unpublished games!

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May 2006

French rules for Maillot Arc-En-Ciel corrected by François Haffner

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April 2006

Unpublished games major update. half a dozen games included.
How Maillot Arc-En-Ciel was made.
Dutch rules for Maillot Arc-En-Ciel, translated by Ludo Nauws.

April 21st-23rd, 2006: Exhibition of Cycling Games in Veldegem (Belgium)!

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March 2006

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February 2006

Corriere dei Piccoli: a new game from 1969. English rules for all the games.
Domenica Sprint
The National Bicycle Game
6 in Einem
Maglia Rosa

Il giuoco del Giro d'Italia 1950
Il Giro d'Italia della Gazetta dello Sport (Edimac)
Il Giro d'Italia Big Jim (Mattel)
Die Rad-Wettfahrt, description updated
Compilation boxes: Transogram's "52 variety game chest"

Alfabetical list

"What's new" section (don't click here, you are reading it right now!)

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December 2005

Gemeinsam Vorn
Stap Op updated

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September 2005

Vier Länder Tour
Tour de France (Fernel)
Small Chinese magnetic travel game
Die Rad-Wettfahrt
Compilation boxes: Pentathlon & Sämmlung Schöner Spiele
New section about computer games

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Summer 2005

Unpublished games section reworked. Pistard and Rouleur games added.

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In case you wonder, this website started in summer 2003 as  It featured around 50 games.



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