why do you do this?

"On protege les bastions d'enfance que l'on a su défendre." (Louis Nucera. Le roi René)

a) just because
b) why not?
c) someone had to do it
d) all of the above

e) update (2018): You can chek the "How It All Began" text to know more


do you collect all kind of bicycle-related games?

"Messenger Boy" is the game that made me seriously think about where to draw the limits of my collection  On one side, this game can be considered a "bicycle game" (why not? there is not a strict definition of what a "bicycle game" is, apart from "a game that appeals to bicycle lovers"). On the other side, it is also a "race game" since, technically, a "race game" is one in which the winner is the first player to reach a given square on the board (or to meet certain conditions).
However, "Messenger Boy" does not meet my definition of "bicycle race game",  which is (roughly): "a game that represents (or refers to) a bicycle race".


do you own all these games?

These games are mostly my personal collection. This shouldn't be so important, but since many people ask,
I have added a red dot
to the games that I feature on this site but don't own. I used to include other games, but
generally I did not have enough information about them, so I decided not to include games I have never had in my hands.

The red-dotted games featured in this site belong either to the late Geert Lagrou's collection , to the "Collection Pierre & Bilou",
or to François Cardinet's collection.  Generally I have taken the pictures of these games myself. 
(I have also tried to credit the pictures I did  not take myself).


how many cycling games are there?

Many more than expected.

That's the million dollar question.

What exactly do we call "a game" (or a "different" game), to start with?

There are almost 500 games featured on this site.
And that may just be the tip of the iceberg.

how many cycling games do YOU know to exist?

Of course I keep a list of games that I do not have but of which I have proof that they exist. For a long time this list has been, roughly, of the same size as the list of games featured in this site. I mean that for every game I added to my collection I discovered another game I still did not have. However, this has changed in the last few years. Although there are games in my "wishlist" that I will probably never find, and many others that I will not even hear of and therefore will not even make part of my wishlist, I have the feeling that I have reached some kind of turning point, if you see what I mean.

Anyway, I still cannot estimate the number of cycling games ever made.

what does "rare" mean?

This leads to an interesting thought about rarity. Of course, many collectors - in different fields - have the same question, and there are many possible answers. However, I have been looking for cycling games for long enough to be able to say that my personal scale for "a rare game" is:

(a) A game I have never seen before
(b) A game I have only seen once and I do not know who owns it
(c) A game of which I know only one copy but I know who owns it
(d) A game I do not have, but of which I have seen multiple copies
(e) A game I have, but of which I have never seen another copy
(f) A game I have, but which is not easy to find

I admit that categories (d) and (e) could be inverted. In fact (e) is a particular case of (c). This is MY personal scale: if I have it, it is not so rare for me ;-)


what's your favourite game?

I would hate pointing out a single game (or a small number of them).
After all, what would be the point of having a big collection of games if I only liked a few?

However, I have been asked this question so often that I have not one but two lists of favourite games:

Favourite games

Gamers' Games

The "gamers" list is more rules-oriented. It contains ganes that I enjoy playing and or games that I do not play so much but that have interesting rules nevertheless. On the other hand, the "favourites" contains games I like for a variety of reasons (some of them obvious, some of them quite personal), thought not always for their playability


would you like to show (some of) your games at my museum/exhibition room/shop?

If you are serious about it, I would love to. Let's talk.
(Shops, restaurants and discos may not be a good place to show the games, though).




do you sell games?

No, I do NOT sell games.
I do not sell figurines either.

The only exception was Maillot Arc-En-Ciel.
And I do not sell it anymore.

do you buy games?

Of course.

how much is my game worth?

Bad news:

1) I am not a price guide.

2) Your game is probably worth less than you expect
(unless you do not expect anything).

3) If you really want to know, put your game on eBay.
Maybe you don't like the price you get, but that is what your game is worth.
Or else ask for an unrealistic price and keep the game unsold for years.
Up to you.

I have a game that is not featured in your site, how much would you pay for it?

A fair price. Some people have been pleased with what I offered, some have not.
 If your case is the latter,  please read the answer to the previous question




i have a very good idea for a game, but I am afraid somebody might steal it from me.
what can I do about it?

Keep it to yourself.
Do not tell anyone about your idea.

When you say (or even think) this, you are showing:
a) that you do not know anything about the game industry
b) that you are probably "paranoid and hard to deal with"
(the phrasing is not mine. It's from Keith A. Meyers' book
Paid To Play, The Business Of Game Design


if I send you the rules of a game I made, will you put them on the site?

I would love to, but I will not unless you give me your permission, of course.




do you want to exchange links?

I do not exchange links.
I just link to what I like or I feel I have to link to.
If you think I may want to link to your site, drop me a line

If you link to this site, please use:


how can I contact you?

By email, of course. 


can I email you in another language?

If you write me in Catalan, Spanish or French,
I will answer in the same language.
If you write in Italian, Portuguese or Occitan,
I will answer in English except if requested to do otherwise.
You can write in other languages,
but I do not guarantee that I will understand them.


where do you live?



who are you?

click on the pic




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The latest versions of some browsers may label this site as “not secure”.  However, HTTPS  and SSL certificates are only important for the transmission of private data. As long as you do not share confidential information such as passwords or credit card data, you do not need them.

Since this website does not collect personal information, does not use cookies, does not ask you to log in, and of course does not ask you for payment data since it does not sell anything, it is perfectly safe to visit.

The only possible interaction it offers is the possibility to email me.
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