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December 2023

You may have noticed that the landing page for this website has changed. There used to be (and still are) five entry points to this collection, but one of them was also the landing page of the site, the one you first encounter if you type "cyclingboardgames.net" in your browser. While this made sense when the site was reorganized back in 2010, I felt that this privileged a certain view of the site, and that this was maybe not the best possible approach, neither for new visitors nor for frequent visitors. So I have made a few changes.

The former landing page has been renamed "CULTURE / IDEAS". I admit I have not been able to decide which was better, "CULTURE" or "IDEAS", and I have kept them both. This is the entry point "for those who want more" than lists of games, for those who want to explore the cycling board game world in all its depth: cycling toys, figurines, exhibitions, stories, links... and of course this is also where you will find free print'n'play games to download. Now that it is not the landing page of the site anymore, I guess I could (or even should) have made more changes to this page, and I probably will in the future, but so far I have left it mostly as it was.

The "categories" page has been renamed "CATEGORIES / LISTS" (since I could not make up my mind for some pages, why not leave a double name for all of them?). This is the recommended page for first-time visitors to the site, as long as they are looking for cycling board games (which is what the site is about, after all). There you will find all the games classified by type of race represented, date -or country - of release, type of distribution, etc. A few months ago, I already changed the order in which these lists were presented, and I moved the "highlights" part, the "curatorial" view of the site, to the upper left, which is supposed to be the first thing you see, at least for us who read from left to right and from top to bottom (I apologize to semitic and eastern visitors).

The formerly called "all the games" section has been renamed "TOTUM REVOLUTUM / THUMBNAILS". It was surely a good idea to have all the games easily accessible from the same page when there were only fifty games on the site, but it is not so easy to find a particular game there when you are faced with almost five hundred thumbnails to choose from. By the way, "totum revolutum" is a Latin expression that means "all mixed up".  As I say on the new landing page, it is a place "for those who don't particularly appreciate order", or for those who just want to click on a random thumbnail and see where it takes them.

Of course, there is also a section for those who like order, especially if they like alphabetical order (for all other orders, refer to the "categories" section). To keep the double names, I have called it "NAMES / ALPHABETICAL". This section, too, is getting quite long with so many games, but at least it is searchable.

Finally, the news section, the one you are reading now, the section for frequent visitors to the site, has been renamed "WHAT'S NEW / BLOG" (maybe I should have called it "newsletter"?), and has suffered some changes too. If you scroll down, you will find that this page ends in 2016, and you will find links to the previous five-year periods. This is due to technical reasons: (a) older news increase loading time for people who just want the latest news, and (b) there are some HTML messes in the older news  -which I hope I have time to unmess some day- that are better confined to less-visited pages.


On the other hand, not many games have been added to the site (or even updated) this time. I can argue that I added half a dozen games (and updated another half a dozen) a couple of months ago, and that there are not so many new games around (a couple are in the mail, though, I hope I can feature them soon). But this is just an excuse. The truth is that the changes to the website have been more time-consuming than I expected, that as usual I have been busy with many other things -unrelated to games-, and that I have not been able to add as many things as I would have.  Anyway, since those of you who are not on my "frequent updates" mail list may not have seen the last games added, you may still find quite a number of new games in this update.

However, there is something that I do have added: Three more vintage cut-up teams made by Ricardo Ferrand for his yet-unpublished Pro Tour game. The new teams this time are LA VIE CLAIRE 1985 (with Bernard Hinault and Greg Lemond), REYNOLDS 1988 (with Delgado and Indurain), and PDM 1989 (with Sean Kelly). Not bad teams!

I guess some day I will have to gather all the gifts available from this site on one single page, which of course will be in the "CULTURES / IDEAS" section. The print-and-play games are already gathered together, some other things can be found on the "make your own game" page, but I am afraid the cut-up riders (and not only them) are scattered all over the site. I will do so as soon as I find a way to avoid bots downloading heavily (and taking away the bandwidth you need to visit the site).


Le petit commissaire ŕ domicile (Michel Bosquillon, Belgium, 2015)


Velonimo (Bruno Cathala / Stratospheres, France, 2021)
Grand Plateau (unpublished)

Christmas gift:

Pro Tour (Ricardo Ferrand, unpublished)
Three new teams added

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October 2023

A few months ago I received a fabulous present from my friend Bilou for which I will be eternally thankful: she offered me the cycling games from the Collection Pierre & Bilou that I did not already have. I have not added new pictures or updated the reviews of these games yet, but I have removed some red dots here and there (red dots mark the games on this site that I do not personally own).

The rest will have to wait a little longer. I am planning a reorganization of this site, including changing the landing page. Since the 2010 site reorganization, typing "cyclingboardgames.net" in your browser has been directing you to the page called "INDEX (MAIN)" , which has a dual role. On the one hand, it functions as an entry point to the site; the first thing you find is the 5-icon table from which you can access the rest of the site. On the other hand, below these icons you find links to the parts of the site that cannot be classified as games (texts, links, etc...) interspersed with pictures of the plastic figurines I used to play with when I was a kid. I like this part of the site very much, I often think that it is more important than just displaying the games (or at least that it makes this site more than just a display of games), but I also know that it may be somewhat misleading to consider it the "main" page of this site. So, as soon as I have the time to do it, the main page of this site will have little more than the five colored icons (the ones that are on every page of this site), and the page presently called "INDEX (MAIN)" will be renamed "CULTURE" (or maybe "IDEAS"... what do you think?).

The problem is that since the 5-icon table is on every page of this site, I will have to work out a way to make the change without messing everything up, and to do this I need some time that I have not had in the last few months. However, expect the changes soon. In the meantime, I have added a few things to the site. Three of the five new games added this month are quiz games. For those of you who know I do not particularly appreciate these games, I must admit that I quite like at least one of them. Follow the links to check out which  ;-)

By the way, the cycling board games exhibition at the Museu del Joguet in Figueres has not been rescheduled yet. Be patient with that too.

Speaking of being patient, Flamme Rouge Grand Tour has not been released yet. On Lautapelit's website it is still qualified as "upcoming release". The cycling board games community has been waiting for it for 7 years. However, this should not distract our attention from other new games. In the last few years, a lot of creators have been developing new ideas, and there is a bloom of (mostly self-released) new games, or game projects that might be released soon. At the moment of writing, there are at least two games on Kickstarter that look promising (here and here). It is always nice to support game creators. You know what you can do. (By the way, if you experience problems with Kickstarter payments, you are not alone.)


La corsa dei campioni (Alka, Topolino, Italy, 1968)
Le Tour de France (La Maison Du Café, France, ca. 1996)
Les As du Tour (François Allaigre / Neurovia, France, 2023)
Pro Cycling Quiz (Matti Breschel and Mikkel Damkićr, Denmark, 2023)
L'Échappée Belle (Région Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, France, 2023)

Grand Plateau (unpublished)


Die Rad-Wettfahrt (Oehmigke und Riemschneider, Germany, 1910s)
6-Tage-Rennen (Rudolf Arnold Verlag -?-, East Germany, 1940s)
Astrological Card Game (Miroir-Sprint, France, 1961)
Magnytour (magnytour.com, Belgium, 2007 / 2021)
Flamme Rouge (Asger Sams Granerud / Lautapelit, Danmark / Finland, 2016)
Velonimo (Bruno Cathala / Stratospheres, France, 2021)

Compendium di Ciclismo (Dr. Daniele Banfi) (unpublished)

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August 2023

I generally work on too many things at the same time and do not always have time to update this site as often as I would like. However, there are things that I would like to share more often. Sometimes I feel a little guilty about the games I receive and know I will not be able to review properly in the next months, especially if these games have been sent to me by the authors or editors. So I will try to present a link to these games and a small comment in this "news" section.

I have received a new game called PRO CYCLING QUIZ. Though I have said before that I am not too fond of quiz games, I quite liked this one. However, let me warn you that the "PRO" in the game's name applies not only to "CYCLING" (as in "pro cycling") but also to "QUIZ". I mean, some of the questions will only be answered by hardcore cycling fans. You can see (and even buy!) the game here: https://procyclingquiz.com

The maker of  2ruote  is working on a new game, based on the former, but different in many aspects. The game is currently being tested, and it will be distributed as a free print-and-play game, also on Boardgamegeek, hopefully soon. I will let you know as soon as I have news.

 Museu del Joguet in Figueres has finally reopened. The cycling board games exhibition has not been rescheduled yet, but I will probably have news soon.


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June 2023

  May the ground be light to you, Gino.


Everyone has been speaking about IA these last months, about how it will eventually end with all human intelligence, about the threat it poses... Let me say what I think about it: at the current state of affairs, it's all crap. Bullshit. Don't ever think about asking it about a subject you know about (like, say, cycling board games - I have! ). It will make everything up, lie as few humans can do, and sheepishly say "I am sorry you are unpleased with my wrong answers". Why would we ever want to interact with such a thing? Of course, robots can play games, they can beat the chess world champion (that was last century, nothing new under the sun), but they will never enjoy playing a game, much less a cycling board game. So, rest assured, we are safe while we are able to play these games.

This said, and tired of all its lies, I asked ChatGPT to say it in verse. To make a long story short, I got the idea from the lines "Oracles acquire authority / From them being in verse". These are from a song I sing in my other life, and, of course, I stole the sentence from something I read (most probably Richart Stoneman's The Ancient Oracles: Making the Gods Speak). I repeated the experiment three times on different days. For the record: I asked "What do you know about cycling board games?"; of course I received an answer plagued with half-truths and blatant lies, including mentions of non-existent games (no, it doesn't learn from its mistakes: one week later the lies were different, but they were still lies).

Then I asked "Can you say it in verse?" And it did:
Cycling board games, a niche in the genre
Simulating strategy and tactics, a pro cycling spleen
Players as team managers, competing in races
Making decisions to win, through difficult paces

"Vuelta a Espańa" and "The Yellow Jersey"
Popular games, among cycling enthusiasts
Players act as team managers, trying to win the overall
A challenging and replayable, a game to evolve

Hard to find, but worth the search
Online retailers, cycling stores and out-of-print perch
Experience the thrill of the sport
With a fun and engaging game, cycling board games come in sort.

ChatGPT, 20/01/2023
Cycling board games, a race on the board
With strategy and luck, the victory is scored
Roll the dice, choose your path
Through the mountains and the aftermath

Tour de France, Vuelta a Espańa,
Le Tour de France, the game
Experience the thrill of the ride
With every roll and every slide

Plan your moves and make them count
The yellow jersey is what you want
But beware of the competition
They'll try to put you in a position

Cycling board games, a challenge to play
But the satisfaction of winning, will make your day.

ChatGPT, 24/01/2023
Cycling through the countryside,
Board games in tow,
A leisurely ride,
With friends, a show.

Rolling hills and winding roads,
With laughter in the air,
We pedal on,
Without a care.

As the sun begins to set,
We stop to play,
A game of strategy,
To end the day.

The pieces move,
And the dice are rolled,
As we cycle through the game,
With stories told.

The journey may be long,
But the memories will stay,
Of cycling and board games,
On a perfect day.

ChatGPT, 26/01/2023

Apart from raising the usual authorship questions (who could claim copyright on this?), I have to admit that these IA machines are quite good with language. No brain, but a fast tongue.

Speaking of non-existent games, have you seen this 2023 Giro d'Italia promotion video? As far as I know, the game we see does not exist, and never will, but how could I not include it in the unpublished games section?

Some of you may have noticed that I am not as quick as I used to be to include newly released games on this site. While this month I do feature new games (even one made by a former elite cyclist, nonetheless), I am aware that there are at least three major games, by which I mean boxed games with nice boards and figurines, that should definitely be on this site but are not featured yet. The least I can say is that I have somewhat changed my politics about new games. Don't misunderstand me, I still try to support all the game creators, since I am perfectly aware of how hard it is to release a game and the effort it takes, but I think that, after 20 years of keeping this website, they should know where to find me.

Oh, yes, this website is 20 years old. Expect some kind of celebration for Christmas. For now, apart from the usual batch of games added to the site, updates and/or rewritings (by the way, I have also added a couple of pictures to the figurines section), I have a few presents for you this month:

- Three more vintage cut-up teams made by Ricardo Ferrand for his yet unpublished Pro Tour game (the new teams are Ijsboerke 1980, Renault 1984 and Carrera 1987). By the way, Ricardo's teams have been the most downloaded items of the last months, of course.

- Two new print and play games to download, one of which may be "just a version of an old game" (your choice), while the other is a full-fledged release that will satisfy hardcore gamers.

- A proposed set of rules for an old GDR kiddies game, by courtesy of Siegfried L., along with a printable scan of the board so you can try these rules.

On a completely different level, look at this!!!  We are becoming (very) international. We appear on the Vietnamese Worldkings website as "Top Bộ Sưu Tập Đồ Sộ Nhất Thế Giới (Top of the World's Largest Collections) #223". At first sight, it may look like it is taken/adapted from this 2017 article but, on closer inspection (online translators may be useful with this one), it is not exactly so.

Finally, I am sorry to announce the opening of the cycling board games exhibition at the Museu del Joguet in Figueres will be delayed until , at least, September. Neither yours truly nor the museum are to blame, but sometimes things do not go as planned.


Frösis Kleine Freidensfahrt (O. Sperling / Frösi, Eastern Germany, 1969)
Monopoly Cycling (Soudal?/ GROEP24 / Squadra Sports Management, Belgium, 2021)
Ciclismo a fondo (Roberto Redruello, Spain, 2022)
Tour de France (Roman Čermák / RC Games, Czech Republic, 2022)
Super Echelon (Alex Bardají, Spain, 2023)
Corsa delle 4 maglie (unpublished, 2023)

New rules proposed:

Auf den Strassen des Friedens (Fröhlich sein und singen, East Germany, 1959)
Juego de Ciclismo (by Verarua)


Tour de Suisse (Emil Huber / Trüb / Hofmann, Switzerland, 1934)
Les 6 Jours (Miro, France, 1950s)
Raleigh Burner BMX Game (Waddingtons, UK, 1985)
Cycle Table Cartes (SSM/T, France, 2004)
Pro Cycling Trumps (Jim McLeman/Pro Cycling Trumps, United Kingdom, 2014-)
Das Profiradsportspiel (unpublished)
Compendium di Ciclismo (Dr. Daniele Banfi) (unpublished)
Pro Tour (Ricardo Ferrand, unpublished) New teams!


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March 2023

Bad news: Due to renovations taking place in the Museu del Joguet, the opening of the cycling board games exhibition has been delayed for a few weeks. The good news is that I may have a little more time available to update this site.

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February 2023

Just a quick update (no new games added this time) to announce that the opening of the new  cycling board games exhibition  at the Museu del Joguet in Figueres will be on
March 9th, that is, one week before the date we had announced. The exhibition will still be open until April 23rd (though not on Sundays or Mondays, the Museum's staff deserves some holidays too). As we said, the games exhibited will be over 100 years old (only XIXth century and early XXth century games), as the one seen in the image above, which is the one chosen for the promotional postcard. By the way, the entrance to the exhibition will be free (though you may want to visit the museum afterwards, for which there is an admission fee). If you are planning to visit the exhibition and would like to meet me there, let me know. I will do my best to be there for you.
(UPDATE: the exhibition has been postponed)

On a completely diiferent level: I have received a long text by Siegfried L. with a lot of  very accurate comments on (mostly) German games. I really love it when these things happen, and it is one of the reasons why I keep this website. However, I do not have time to add them all to the site right now, so I am starting with the remarks that address games that are going to be in the exhibition.  I expect to add more of his comments in the next few weeks.

Here are the first descriptions updated:

Das Radfahrerspiel (Germany, 1880s)
Neues Lustiges Rad-Fahr Spiel (Otto Maier Verlag, Ravenburg, Germany, 1979)
Die Radrennbahn (Likuna, Germany, 1910s).

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December 2022

                                   Speaking of figurines, this w
atercolor diorama by Carmen Milla with modern Bernard & Eddy cyclists was my 2022 birthday present.

Merry xmas & happy new year everybody. We do not have too many new games added to the site this time (*), but we have some (very) good news instead. Quite surprisingly, the only two games we have added are both two team-pursuit games, the only two specifically team-poursuit games on this collection so far. (What were the chances that we would receive them the same month?)

We are starting a collaboration with Ricardo Ferrand (future designer of a game called Pro Tour which has been in the unpublished games section for years). He will send some of the personalized vintage teams of 9 cyclists he is designing for his game for every cycling games fan to download and use to play their own board games. (It goes without saying that these are free downloads, and that they are not for any commercial use, or to obtain any gain or profit). Of course I (we!) don't want to put pressure on him, but if everything goes as intended, we will have a new batch of teams twice a year. The first batch includes the following teams: BIC'69, FAEMA'69, KAS'74, PEUGEOT'77, SANSON'79 and TI-RALEIGH'79. (5MB pdf for each team). Follow the link to the Pro Tour game page to download them.

We will have a new cycling board games exhibition in the spring. It will be at the Museu del Joguet in Figueres, 15 years after our first exhibition there. This time we will exhibit games that are over 100 years old (only XIXth century and early XXth century games). You will be able to visit the exhibition between March 16th (update: March 9th) and April 23rd, 2023.

The figurines section has been completely rewritten. That was a long-overdue promise. I have skipped the French figurines part (there is enough information about them both in print and online), and I have mostly concentrated on Spanish figurines, which are the ones that I know better (though I am not a specialist), and the ones with which I played when I was a kid. This rewriting is completed by offering Alex Poyer's article Les figurines cyclistes: entre identification, héroďsation et collection? (1890 ŕ nos jours) (previously published in Sciences Sociales et Sport, nş 16, juillet 2020) as a free download.

Finally, Flamme Rouge's long-awaited "definitive" expansion Grand Tour has been officially scheduled for release. Congratulations Asger!

(*) A couple more games are supposed to be in the mail, though. You may want to check this page again in the next few days to see if they have arrived ;-)


Teamsprint (Rainbow Games, Germany, 2011)
Eile mit Velo (Tissot Velodrome, Switzerland, 2013)


Pro Tour (Ricardo Ferrand, unpublished)


Butagaz, le Tour de France du premier butane français (Butagaz, France, 1934)
Criterium de la Mčre Picon (Roger Jacquet/Fromageries PICON, France, ca. 1949)
Les 6 Jours (Miro, France, 1950s)
Grande course Zig Zag ŕ retardements (Sicolor, France, 1950s)
Astrological Card Game (Miroir-Sprint, France, 1961)
Flamme Rouge (Asger Sams Granerud / Lautapelit, Danmark / Finland, 2016) 
Compendium di Ciclismo (Dr. Daniele Banfi) (unpublished)

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August 2022

                                    Els 3 Poblets (figurines painted by Marc Radenac)

It's been a year since I last added new games to the site. While I could argue that I have been quite busy with different things (which is true), the fact is that I have not found that many new games to add. I admit that I am getting tired of buying every new game that is released (though I am still buying some). However, if I did not buy your game and you want to see it on the site, what about sending it to me? I am sure you know how to find me). Furthermore, four of the games added are different versions of games already featured on this site, which I am not sure if they should count as "new games", although this has allowed me to rewrite a couple of old descriptions.

On the other hand, there has been some action in the unpublished games camp in these last months. I have received information about a few new games. Some are home-made prototypes, some are (often complex) sets of rules at various development stages. Unfortunately, I have not always been able to dedicate enough time to cycling games these last months, and some email exchanges may have been interrupted. I want to apologise to everyone (Antonio, Daniele, David, Laurent, Roberto, Romain) to whom I should have answered long ago, and I also want to apologise for not being quicker in adding the pictures I receive.



Il Campionissimo -small box- (Uniwerk, Italy, ca.1965)
Sprint (Ardatz, Euzkadi, 1980s)
Voiture Balai (Voiture Balai, France, 2021)
Le Tour des Chasse Patates (Les Chasse Patates/Le Terrier Productions, France, 2021)
TVH Classics (Kurt Wellens / TVH / Mateco, Belgium, ca. 2021)
Monopoly Cyclisme (GROEP24 / Squadra Sports Management, Belgium, 2022)
Children Bicycle Race (Blue Ring Education Pte Ltd, dreamstime.com, first accessed august 2021)

Compendium di Ciclismo (Dr. Daniele Banfi) (unpublished)
Track Cycling Tour (Alberto Quintairos, 2022) (unpublished)


Il Campionissimo (Uniwerk, Italy, ca.1965)
Sprint (Diset, Spain, 1980s)


Pro Cycling Trumps (Jim McLeman/Pro Cycling Trumps, United Kingdom, 2014-)
Monopoly Koers (GROEP24 / Squadra Sports Management, Belgium, 2020)
De Ronde Van Vlaanderen (Kurt Wellens / Flandersclassics / Sporza, Belgium, 2020)
La Course (Agence Artifice, France, 2021)

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March 2022

Unfortunately, I do not always have time to add games to the site. However, this does not mean I do not have new games to add. That's why I have added a list (a table, actually) of the games that I have received (or will likely receive soon) but that are not on the site yet. You cannot click on the thumbnails, but at least you know which games you can expect to be added to the site sooner or later. Of course this list will be erased each time I update the site.

By the way, I do not think there will be a proper update until, at least, next summer.


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August 2021

I have added quite a lot of games to the site in the last few months. Most remarkably, three just-released French games (looks like the confinement has had some positive aspects after all). Of course, as most recent cycling games, these are either self-published or, in the best cases, published by a very small editor. They are the kind of releases that might slip under my radar, and that sometimes do. Fortunately I have friends who email me as soon as they discover new games (or old games I do not have for that matter). Some friends even send the games to me before I knew they existed. Of course I keep my eyes open myself looking for cycling games, but this site would not be the same without my friends. Thanks, guys!


6 Tage-Rennen (Josef Schneider Jr., Wien, Austria, 1950s)
Il Giro (Italy, early 1960s)
Les 7 Familles (Miroir-Sprint, France, ca. 1960)
Astrological Card Game (Miroir-Sprint, France, 1961)
Big Bike Race (Tomy, Singapore, 1970's)
The Open Road (Blair Berg & Carl Strycharske / Open Road Games, USA, 2018)
Cycle Challenge (Stephen Nurse, Australia, 2020)
Les Petits Vélos (INEX, France, 2019)
Velonimo (Bruno Cathala / Stratospheres, France, 2021)
La Course (Agence Artifice, France, 2021)
Qui gagnera le Tour? (Constans Poirier, France, 2021)


Course Michelin (Genilloud/Michelin, France, 1894 / Michelin Collector's Store reissue, 2021)
Whirly Wheelers (Palitoy Parker , UK, 1970's)
Vuelta Ciclista (Pactra, Spain, 1976)


Jeu du Vélodrome (Boyaux Pouchois/Union Vélocipédique de France, France, 1920s)
Jeu du Veldiv (Edition H.B., France, 1932)
Pro Cycling Trumps (Jim McLeman/Pro Cycling Trumps, United Kingdom, 2014-)
Pistard (Anki Toner 2005/2009)
Jones' Tour (unpublished)

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March 2021


The games in the picture above have been published in the last few months. Life goes on, and cycling games' activity does too :-) This is one of the reasons why I have split the former "recent games" category (in the chronological classification of the CATEGORIES view of this site). It used to include all XXIst century games, but of course some of the games were not so recent anymore. Now we have a category called 2000-2015 for early XXIst century games (some of which are still available, but most of them are not anymore) and a category called RECENT GAMES (2016-) which I will hopefully have to rename again ten years from now.

So much for recent games. On the other side of the pitch, I have added two new Peace Race games. With those, the Peace Race ties with La Vuelta as the third most represented actual race in this site. On one hand this is not so surprising, since the Peace Race was one of the biggest cycling races for many years. However, cince I live in Spain, I am expected to be able to detect more obscure hard-to-find Spanish games than Eastern European ones, am I not? It should be so. The fact is there are more than fifty Spanish games featured in this site, quite a few fairly obscure, but only nine of them (less that 20%) are titled after La Vuelta or represent the race in some way. Furthermore, there aren't any games made in other countries which represent La Vuelta. For comparison, almost 40% of Italian games represent the Giro, and there are a few non-Italian games that do too. The conclusion is that the Vuelta is not so cherished in Spain as other races are in their territories.

Finally, one of those things that I really love: I recently received a letter from the great granddaughter of the designer of the game Criterium de la Mčre Picon; this game, as many other promotional games, was published without crediting the author. At first she just asked me if I could scan the board for her to make a copy of the game for her grandfather (which of course I did with pleasure) but when she sent me pictures of the final result we decided to offer the game as a free download. We have made not one but two versions of the game: a standard version, for standard A4 printers, including riders for 8 teams (which were already available, in a slightly different format, at the make your own game section of this site)  and a "DeLuxe" version for A3 printers, which includes scans of the riders and the teetotum in their original uncut format (thanks Didier for scanning the teetotum!).


Friedensfahrt Würfelspiel (Bruno Staebner/J.Nowinka, East Germany, 1954)
Závod Míru (Vladimír Jedlička, Tofa, Czechoslovaquia, 1970s)
Monopoly Koers (GROEP24 / Squadra Sports Management, Belgium, 2020)
Pro Cycling. The Board Game (Smith B Games, Hungary, 2020)
On The Rivet (Jason McDowell/Littletinyfish, USA, 2021)
D Tour (Eric Gras & Pascale Gres-Jouenne, France, 2013) (unpublished)


Criterium de la Mčre Picon (Roger Jacquet/Fromageries PICON, France, ca. 1949)
Magnytour (magnytour.com, Belgium, 2007 / 2021)


Bikee (C.W. Faulkner & Co, UK, 1899)
Kerékpárverseny Társasjáték (Gál József / Állami Nyomda, Hungary, 1956)
Závod Míru (Czechoslovakia, 1957)
Eddy Merckx (Pierre Neuville / City Toys, Belgium, ca.1970/2019)

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