Stephen Nurse , Australia, 2010


This is a simple free-download game published  by Stephen Nurse, from Melbourne, in his Modular Bikes blog. The pdf provides game board, player tokens, chance cards and shopping cards, and you will need to supply a regular deck of cards from which you will remove the jacks, 3's,and 2's, as well as the jokers (if you have an old deck with some missing cards, it might be perfect).



Players use the cards to move their pieces around the board and collect shopping cards as they fall on green squares.

Blue squares are special “chance squares” where players get cards such as "Your Graham Greene book has been signed by the author, choose one extra card" or "Lava lamp braks, miss one turn". My favourite, though is "Schoolkids yell 'Get a real bike!', move back one".



Nice counters (..."get a real bike!")



By the way, there are 2 winners in this game, the person who completes 5 laps first and the person who has the highest value of shopping when they finish 5 laps.



The game has been updated to include free downloadable 3D printable board game tokens (licensed  under the Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution license).  It is the first cycling game with free 3D-printable bikes. Of course, most of us do not have a 3D printer at home and we are not sure how to handle STL files, but it is probably time to start to learn. The future is here. As Armstrong (no, not Lance) would have said, "That's one small step for (a) man, one giant leap for the cycling board games' world".

Here is the update on Stephen Nurse's design blog, including pictures of the 3D-printed tokens:

Here is a new link for downloading the game, including the board, the cut-up riders (in case you do not have a 3D printer available) and the 3d printing files to make the tokens:

By the way, you can still download the first version of the game (without the 3D files) here.



Check Steve's Modular Bikes website