Cioccolato ICA, Italy, ca. 1950


Huge (90 x 60 cms) promotional game for ICA chocolates from Cremona.

Even if the name of the game is "Giro d'Italia" and if offers two sets of rules, one of them for a stage race, I will consider this a track cycling game. Look at the board to know why.

It is quite hard to date this game. I haven't found any information about "Cioccolato ICA" and the only possible clues I have is the telephone number printed on the board (31-24, from Cremona), apart from the graphics and the simplicity of the rules.



The board is 96 squares long (numbered 0 to 95). The game is played with one die. The rules, basically, "throw the die and move".

The rules for a stage race are:

a) Each rider moves on his own lane. (Only six riders can take part in a race).
b) If you land on "Caduta" (fall) or "Guasto" (pucnture) you lose one turn.
c) The first three riders to cross the GPDN ("Gran Premio Della Montagna") marks receive 3, 2 and 1 points for the mountain classification.
d) The stage ends when the first rider crosses the finishing line. The other riders lose as many minutes as squares they are behind the line.

The rules for track races do not take into account the Caduta, Guasto and GPDM marks. Rules are provided for individual pursuit, race for 6 riders and team race. You can imagine the rules for the frst two races (yes, throw and move). Strangely, lanes are not mentioned for track races.

 The rules for the team race are:

a) Teams are composed of three riders.
b) You can move any of your riders with your throw.
c) The first team to cross the finishing line with all three riders wins the race.

Very simple.


These are the cut-up riders. 6 teams of three riders.



Stage and track races.