François Paoletti / Solar Editions, France, 2019


And still another Tour de France quiz game. They probably sell well (or at least some people believe so) since we have had a few in the last years, some of them even with the same exact name.  These games are generally signed with the name of a sports journalist who may also have written one or more trivia books on the Tour de France, and their presentation varies from a simple card deck to a fully-fledged boxed game as is the case here.

This one even bears the "official" Tour de France stamp on it, which of course just means that it has paid an expensive license to have it.




One would expect to find the stages of the 2019 Tour de France, but this is not the case. The "grand départ" is Montgéron, which was the departure point of the first Tour de France in 1903. And of course it was not called "grand départ" at the time.



The board measures 40 x 40 cm and the box is 21 x 21 cms. There are 100 question cards with 6 questions each.


The humoristic names of the teams are my personal favourite distinctive feature of this game, which gives you an idea of my appreciation of this kind of games.




The question you have to answer is determined by a roll of the die. Therefore you would expect to have six categories of answers, but in this case  the sixth face of the die does not correspond to a question but to a game action. According from the game's website, the categories are:

1. Les coureurs : bio, palmarès, surnoms, managers, faits d'armes, sponsors, équipes
2. Les étapes : cols, descentes, virages, arrivées, villes, premières fois, les incontournables, éditions mythiques
3. La course : maillots, organisation et organisateurs, records, stratégie, classement, matériel
4. La culture : expressions et jargons, personnalités du tour, journalistes, écrivains, artistes, politiques, les médias, audience, événements historiques
5. La France du Tour : histoire, géographie, patrimoine, gastronomie
6. Au top/Défaillance : défis et bonus ou malus

As you can see, the game is not only 100 % language dependant, but also heavily dependant on your knowledge of French culture, as there are many non-cycling questions.




The points awarded by the questions range from 1 to 3, but it does not look like it is according to the question's difficulty (which is not chosen by the player anyway) but rather randomly. By the way, how many of these questions would you have answered correctly?


Back of the box



Thanks Didier & Marc for the tip


Description written in December 2019.