M.C.A., France, 1950s





Rare French game of which I only have seen another copy. The box which measures 42 x 27 x 3 cms is among the ugliest in my collection and it certainly did not help to boost the sales. The board is somehow better but still ugly. It measures 72 x 40 cms.

My guess is that the game was made by a non-professional editor, and there are probably not many copies around.




Unfortunately, my copy of the game is not complete. Apart from what you see, there should be 12 monochrome plastic riders (in 4 colours), some 5000 notes (apart from the featured 1000s and 10000s), and the rules.

On the other hand, three (out of four) dice are original, and there are enough "Malchance" and "Combativité" cards (all of which are blank on the other side).

The value of the notes, specially the 10,000 note, indicates that the game is from before 1960, when the franc was revalued. Of course, the notes do not  say "francs", but it can be safely assumed that, the game being French, these are francs, and 10,000 post-1960 francs was an unrealistic lot of money for a cycling game..




Since I do not have the rules (anyone?) it is difficult to comment on the game. We find the usual "back some squares", "miss a turn", etc... squares and some money rewards/penalties here and there. Apart from the money rewars, there are also points awarded on some squares. Other squares have rules for the teammates, though these remain a mystery without the rules. We also find some  We also have some squares marked "controle" "échapée" "fin d'´échappée" and "fin de sprint", but nowhere in the board we find anything related to the "Malchance" and "Combativié"

All in all, it looks like a not-too-complicated dice game, but I need the rules!



"Nimes" rhymes with "Primes"!



Is this the author's or editor's mark?



Thanks to Agnes & Sylvain for emailing me about the game in the first place, and for selling it to me at a fair price later.