Jürgen Winzer / Bravo Sport, Germany, 2001


This is a game included in the number 15 of German sports magazine Bravo Sport, dated July 12th 2001. Bravo Sport was (and still is) is a German sports magazine for young people dedicated mainly to soccer, but of course in 2001 Jan Ullrich was one of the favourites for the Tour de France and therefore the sport had a burst of popularity in Germany.




The two riders on the foreground are, of course, Jan Ulrich and Lance Armstrong. In case you wonder, the board measures 41 x 28 cms. As you see, the game does not look too complicated (provided you can read German).





The detailed (and, on the other hand, unnecessary) rules of the game are found on another page inside the magazine. Notice that while on a side of the board you can read "Spielidee: Jürgen Winzer", here it says "Text: Frank Goertz". Too many authors for a game like this, in my humble opinion.

This said, in case you do not read German, a quick summary: on a white square: normal speed; on green square: full gas; on a yellow square: miss turn(s); on a red square: go back; on a dark blue square: setback; on a light blue square: tactics (you can choose between two options).

An even quicker summary: throw a die and  follow the instructions written on the square.


For instance, here is an example of a green (full gas) square: advance to square 9.
(On the picture, Jan Ulrich at full gas).



Et cetera...



Here is a (major) setback on square 27: A doping scandal in your team! Ouch. The Festina affair was very recent at the time.



Look who we have here!



Thanks Gordon for the tip.

Description written in October 2020.