Jean-Paul Ollivier / Marabout, France, 2015




Another quiz game by French cycling journalist Jean-Paul Ollivier (author of Compil Quiz Cyclisme). While it is not a secret that I do not like quiz games, I concede that some are better designed than others. Well, this is definitely NOT the case here.





The box (which is probably the best of the game) contains 160 cards, divided in the five categories that you can see in the picture above. The back of the cards is of a different colour for each category.

Furthermore, in a failed attempt to give the game some "strategic" edge, there are 4 types of cards in each category.

22 (out of 32) cards in each category named after the category. Besides, there are 3 "booster" cards, 3 "accident" cards and 4 "contre la montre" (time trial) cards in each category. These cards have a different symbol in the back, making a total of 20 different card backs (5 colours, 4 symbols each).



Back of the "maillot jaune" category cards.



The 22 "normal" cards give one point for a correct answer.The "booster" cards give three points, while the "accidents" deduct three points from the player in case of a wrong answer. The three categories of questions in the card are given different names for each type of card, which only adds a baroque touch to the game. In all cases the player only has to answer to one question, chosen by the opponent.

On the other hand, the time trial cards have four questions and the player must answer as many as he can in one minute, getting 1, 2, 3 or 5 points.



The problem is that the cards in each category (which the back of the same colour) are shuffled together into one deck from which the uppermost card is drawn. And of course the players can see the type of card it is, since the symbols are on the back.

Wrong design decision. Players probably should not know which card they are drawing. The little interest the game might have had is lost.

My personal opinion: The world did not need another Tour de France quiz game in the first place, buy if you are going to make one, at least make it right. I am sorry to say that I can think of better ways to waste time (and money).